We start by using Code Academy which provides free online tutorials and provide guidance and supervision enabling the students to work at their own pace.

Once the basics are mastered, there is the opportunity to play with ‘Content Management Systems (CMS)‘, such as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. For this, we start people on WordPress as it has by far the largest following of any CMS, and is run on over 20% of all domains. Traditionally WordPress has been considered a blogging platform,  but it is now being used for mainstream websites…… including this one!

Need a WordPress Site to practice with then wordpress.com provides a free site. (Unfortunately the terms and conditions relating to the site mean that you need to be over 13 in order to sign up.)  Be aware that they make their money from premium templates, and additional services.

Useful links:

If you need a hand finding or registering a domain, or have need of hosting/email configuration expertise, then anothermouse.com provides on site assistance in the South Cambs area, and remote/server assistance worldwide.

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