This page links to some of the sparks of inspiration that we use to get people started. The emphasis is on providing people with the tools/expertise to continue to learn and develop their skills even after attending tuition periods with us.

The software is all free!

Our software introduction encourages users to try out a huge variety of software that covers most of the needs of the majority of people.

This software covers software for documents, spreadsheets, drawing, modelling, music, presentations …and more. This is all under the guidance of someone that has been working with free and open source software for years.

Knowing and understanding what is available will save you a fortune!

Helping spin the web.

HTML and CSS form the basis of what we see of the all encompassing World Wide Web.

Our tuition can cover everything from the ‘basics’ through to becoming a professional web designer. This tuition is flexible and can be tailored to the needs of the individual.

For anyone that wants to build and manage their own website, MegaSparks is the perfect place to begin!

Lets automate it.

Doing the same thing again and again can get boring/tiring/costly. This is computers and automation excess. Programming is the glue that makes this work.

We introduce people to programming via Code Academy which is a free online programming resource. One the basics are mastered,  we can create bespoke web pages, design games, or even develop our own Android apps. If that isn’t challenging enough then we can move on to creating our own business, or possibly global domination without making the rookie mistakes that are typical of the average James Bond villain!

Connecting and controlling the real world.

Lights, cameras, buttons and motors! We integrate the various skills that people have developed to control physical devices and webpages. Many of these projects are built around a Raspberry Pi as this provides a easily accessible  method of developing this type of skill.