It isn’t necessary to spend a fortune on software in order to produce business documentation. Professional results can be achieved in most areas using freely available software. It’s definitely possible to survive without Microsoft Windows!

Our favourite software includes:

Libre¬†Office – The free and open source alternative to the Microsoft Office Suite. Add in Thunderbird, and most people’s office needs are covered.

GIMP – The ultimate photo editing and graphics design program. Everyone should learn how to use this!

Inkscape – Vector graphics enables your creations to be infinitely zoomed without those horrible jagged bits!

Chrome – This is Google’s contribution to the browser market. It’s freely available, and we use it for the web design and debugging capabilities that it offers.

POVRay – A mathematical modelling and photorealistic rendering program. Great fun for those aspiring to to create digital masterpieces.

Dia – For all your diagram needs

Wings3D – A faily easy to use 3D modelling program. Create your masterpiece and them import into POVRay for rendering.



Putty РFor secure connections to our (web) servers. (WARNING РThe product includes cryptography that is illegal to use in some countries!)


This isn’t an exhaustive list, and we will introduce students to other software as and when necessary. Feel free to contact us and suggest additions to this list.