Programming can be a a fantastic outlet for creativity and expression. It can be anything from automation of a process, to the creation of a game, through to exploration of pretty much anything, or just for the fun of it.

We’re currently providing tuition in the following languages as combined with HTML and CSS this provides the the ability to easily create most aspects of end to end projects from the web interface to controlling something :

Javascript (For enhancing the webbrowser experience. This integrates with the HTML and CSS work.)

PHP (For providing additional webserver functionality. This integrates with the WordPress CMS training.)

Python (This integrates with the Raspberry Pi and electronics work.)

We’re quite capable of supporting other languages and environments….including Scratch which is available for use on the systems that we use. The facilities are perfect to experimenting and developing the concepts taught within the current school syllabus.  All tuition is at the students own pace. The online element of the training can be continued at home, whilst more realistic examples provide additional inspiration during the onsite work. The availability of an experienced coder and engineer is guaranteed to make the practice much more interesting and relevant.

This page features regular changing links that will hopefully inspire people not only to have fun, but perhaps create something useful as well?

Other useful links provided by people that you may wish to investigate: