Courses are designed to provide the necessary tools and skills to start having fun with technology. We can cater with all ages from 8 years upwards.  Most courses will adapt to the interests of the group, and give individuals the opportunity to try out their own ideas within the overall structure of the course. The tuition is led by qualified instructors with many years of experience.

Upcoming courses

Saturdays From 5 Mar 2016  – Technology Mix (Little Shelford) – Contact us for places

Future courses

This is a new venture to cater for the desire to provide challenging and exciting tuition to all ages. Discussions are being held with respect to providing regular half term coding camps for children which we hope to run in Sawston. There’s also the possibility of providing an after school club of some sort at the Great Shelford Library on Thursdays and/or Saturdays. These courses provide the ideal opportunity to have fun or get ahead with technology. If you wish to be added to our email list, then let us know.

Proposed Topics include

Office Tuition (Documents, Spreadsheets,Databases)

Web development Tuition (HTML 5, CSS and javascript)

Electronics Tuition (Interfacing with Raspberry Pis, and standalone electronics)

Programming Tuition (primarily php, python and javascript)

Creating an Android App


Unfortunately there are costs associated with running these courses (including facilities, equipment and instructors). We wish to keep the courses as accessible as possible to everyone, and as such we’re keeping the costs as low as possible. We believe that the courses should be accessible to everyone, and if you are aware of individuals that would benefit, but do not have the resources to be able to afford to attend, then contact us.

We’ve been provided with access to Little Shelford North Hall for the Autumn Half Term, we are able to offer the course for £60.

There are opportunities to ensure that free/reduced cost places are made available, and these are considered on a case by case basis.