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Welcome to Mega Sparks. Based just south of Cambridge,  we’re dedicated to inspiring and teaching individuals to play with technology. Playing is one of the best ways to learn!

This site is going to start collecting the exploits of various people in South Cambridge  in an effort to show that anyone of any age can get started with electronics, web-development, engineering, automation, robotics and other areas of technology. There are ‘no limits’ as to what may be tried, provided no humans are put at risk. Destruction of electronics and other materials is a distinct possibility!

We provide private tuition, courses and after school clubs covering web development, programming and electronics primarily for children 8 years+. These are currently being run in southern Cambridge and primarily in Great Shelford and Sawston (using the facilities provided by Ulti-M8 Learning). Home tuition, and computing/network support is provided by http://anothermouse.com.

However hard we try, we are all going to get exposed to more and more technology, so let’s play and get comfortable with it.